How do I switch to Goodtel's Good nbnᵀᴹ

Switching can by done online in less than 5 minutes or you can call us on 1800 11 GOOD. We've made the switching process as simple as possible so all you need to do is choose which plan is right for you, select a modem if you're new to the nbnᵀᴹ and choose which Good Cause you would like to support and we can start do good together from then on. The time it takes for your nbnᵀᴹ service to become active with Goodtel varies depending on if there has been a previous nbnᵀᴹ service at the premises (typically 1-5 working days) or if it's a new connection (anywhere up to 20 working days). Goodtel keeps you updated via email once your order has been submitted. All Help Articles