Edit icon50% of profits back to good causes

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Good nbn

Unlimited nbn<sup>TM</sup> plans for joyful browsing, streaming and social media.

  • unlimited data
  • speeds up to 205mbps
  • $0 setup fees
  • switch over in days

from $68 $50 per mth (for 1st month and $68 thereafter)

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"We have nothing but praise for the speed, connection, customer service and purpose of the company. I was connected to the internet within 30min! Have had no outages since switching."

Good mobile

No contract, SIM-only mobile plans on Australia's trusted network (98.8% coverage)

  • keep your number
  • plans up to 80GB
  • unlimited calls and texts in AUS
  • online SIM activation

from $24 per month

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We use parts of Telstra's 3G and 4G mobile network to cover 98.8% of Australia's population (that's over 25 million people).

"The switch itself was easily the simplest and easiest telco experience I've had. You get a top quality NBN service at very competitive prices, and on top of that half of all profits go to good causes. Very highly recommended."

50% of our profits
go to Good Causes

You pick the cause you’re passionate about. We’ve partnered with 11 amazing charities to transform our daily telco use into a force for good and make a bit of a difference in the world. That’s what Goodtel is all about.

Socially-conscious Aussies
love doing good with their
nbnTM and mobile bill.

"I switched both my mobile and home NBN over to Goodtel and it was both smooth an easy."

Mike from Sydney, NSW

"Excellent Customer Service, Network Service and Cost - with added peace of mind!"

Mitchell from Launceston, TAS

"Seamless and pain-free, thank you!"

Almo Milk from Melbourne, VIC

"Quality and customer service is simply outstanding."

Karl from Sydney, NSW

"We couldn't be happier with the choice we made."

Clee from Darwin, NT

"Every step of the sign-up process was a breeze, and my NBN installation was hassle free."

Jacob.B from Melbourne, VIC

"The product quality is exceptional with no dropouts and a reliable service."

Chris from Sydney, NSW

"The speeds has been great and no drop-offs in service."

Johan from Camden, NSW

"I can recommend this great Australian business that supports a charity partner that you resonate with."

Monica from Sydney, NSW

"The broadband is super speedy and works in all the rooms of my apartment."

Emma W from Melbourne, VIC

"The connection has been fast and consistent so far."

EBD from Darwin. NT

"Customer service has been fantastic - easy to access and attentive."

CRH from Sydney, NSW

"My nbn was installed without a hiccup and the speeds are great."

Wes from Melbourne, VIC

"Awesome service"

Darren from Perth, WA

"Switching to Goodtel was super quick and painless."

Damien from Brisbane, Qld


Good reasons to switch

Here’s a few reasons why switching to Goodtel will be smooth sailing.

Good guaranteed

Risk-free goodness

No lock-in contracts or small print. If you don’t like Goodtel, simply cancel within 14 days. You’ll receive a full refund.

Good move

Good made easy

Switch over to our mobile plans in hours, and our nbn™ plans in days. By paying your telco bill, you’ll be doing good (even in your sleep!)

Customer service

In good hands

We have 15+ years experience in the industry. Our friendly support team will quickly respond to your questions or issues – 7 days a week.

Switch to Goodtel<br> for a decision you'll feel good about.