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Goodtel donates 50% of profits to a charity of your choice. So you help people in need and the environment - just by paying your internet bill.

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Goodtel isn't like other telcos. We donate 50% of profits from your nbn™ bill to a charity of your choice. So you support a cause you're passionate about - by doing something you'd do anyway.

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"We have nothing but praise for the speed, connection, customer service and purpose of the company. I was connected to the internet within 30min! Have had no outages since switching."

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Critical Information Summary

Key Fact Sheet

Critical Information Summary

Key Fact Sheet

Critical Information Summary

Key Fact Sheet

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Support a Good Cause

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Provide help to people seeking asylum in Australia

The Issue

Families who have fled violence, war and persecution are often then stripped of their basic rights in Australia, while waiting for an outcome of their legal status. People often live this - in limbo for years. During this time, more and more people, without the right to work, become destitute.

The Good

$27 can provide a daily hot meal and food and groceries for a week.


Help free the world of waste and hunger

The Issue

Every single year across Australia, we waste $20 billion dollars worth of good food. As a nation, we produce enough food to feed 60 million people. At the same time, 5 million Aussies will struggle with getting the food they need at some point throughout the year. About a quarter of those are children.

The Good

Every single $1 donated to OzHarvest will enable them to deliver 2 meals to vulnerable Australians.

Burn Bright

Improve school kids mental wellbeing

The Issue

In Australia mental illness rates in young people are the highest they have ever been. One in four young people will be diagnosed with a mental illness during adolescence and one in five young people who are diagnosed with a mental illness will have it persist into adulthood.

The Good

$30 supports a young person to attend a Burn Bright school based wellbeing or leadership program.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Help fund breast cancer research

The Issue

Breast cancer is on the rise - increasing by 38% in the last 10 years alone. It is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the country with over 3000 Australians losing their life this year. 8 women still die from breast cancer every day.

The Good

A donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation will support critical life-saving research to stop deaths from breast cancer. For example $25 can contribute towards funding researchers to uncover new drugs targets for chemo-resistant breast cancer

Save-A-Dog Scheme

Save a dog or cats life and assist in finding them loving homes

The Issue

Every year tens of thousands of healthy dogs and cats are euthanased in Australia. SADS needs your help to rescue and rehome the animals that come into their care.

The Good

$15 can feed an average sized dog or cat for a week.

Greening Australia

Reduce your carbon footprint

The Issue

Since European settlement, over 90 million hectares of land across Australia has been cleared, threatening species and the productivity of farmlands. Climate change will only exacerbate the impact with reduced rainfall, increased temperatures, droughts and more frequent extreme weather events.

The Good

$50 can support Greening Australia to plant enough trees and shrubs to store 1 tonne of carbon dioxide

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Gift a culturally relevant book for a child in a remote community

The Issue

In Australia there is a huge disparity in the literacy levels between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children. Many of the remote communities where the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) works report that there are few, if any, books in their homes. Every child in Australia, wherever they live, has the right to thrive and to excel in education. Every child should benefit from equity of opportunity. We can’t achieve justice for our First Peoples without setting First Nations children up to succeed in education. Education matters, because education opens doors.

The Good

$10 will put a culturally relevant book into the hands of a child in a remote community


Provide safe sleeps to vulnerable people

The Issue

On any given night in Australia, 116,000 people are homeless. 8,200 are rough sleepers; sleeping out on the street. People experiencing homelessness encounter violence, harassment and bullying.

The Good

$10 can get a person in need a safe night's sleep.

ChildFund Australia

Help provide children with food, water and education in disadvantaged communities

The Issue

More than 260 million children worldwide aren’t receiving a quality education. Being forced out of school and into the workforce at a young age has a profound impact on a child’s life. Child labour harms their physical and mental development, and robs them of their childhood, their education, and their potential.

The Good

$70 can give 7 children school kits.

Drought Angels

Support Aussie farming families

The Issue

The impact of the drought in Australia is almost impossible to fathom or describe. Farmers everywhere are facing desperate times and many are being left with no choice but to walk off their properties under the crippling strain of debt.

The Good

$30 could provide breakfast for a family for a week

Good guarantees

Here's a few reasons why switching to Goodtel will be smooth sailing.

Goodtel icons Risk free

14 day no-risk trial

We're confident you'll love Goodtel but if you don't, simply cancel within 14 days. You'll receive a full refund.

Goodtel icon Easy Switch

Switch Effortlessly

Switch within 1-3 days (less than 90 mins downtime). New nbnTM installations take 1-3 weeks, maximum.

Goodtel icons Zero contracts

Zero contracts

Pay per month and cancel any time. You won't be locked into any contracts

Goodtel icon Expert business support

Dedicated support

Our friendly support team will quickly respond to your questions or issues -7 days a week.

"The switch itself was easily the simplest and easiest telco experience I've had. You get a top quality NBN service at very competitive prices, and on top of that half of all profits go to good causes. Very highly recommended."

We get asked this a lot

  • Why should I switch to Goodtel?

    Good question. It's true - you could probably find a cheaper telco providing a similar quality of NBN services.

    But that's not what sets us apart. At Goodtel, doing good for the planet is our top priority. And that extends from our helpful support team who'll be there for you night and day, through to the core of why we exist as a company - to support our various charity partners as they help make the planet a better place.

    And, of course, our NBN service uses trusted networks to provide you with reliable, blazing-fast broadband. So when you choose Goodtel, you're combining your need for fast, reliable internet with your desire to do good in the world. We're confident it's a choice you'll feel good about.

  • How long does it take to switch to the nbnᵀᴹ?

    If there has been a previous nbnᵀᴹ connection at your premises the standard time frame is 1-3 business days and there will be no additional work required by a technician. If your address has not been connected to nbnᵀᴹ before the standard time frame can be anywhere between 1-3 weeks and is dependent on your nbnᵀᴹ access technology type and technician availability. Your nbnᵀᴹ access technology will determine the exact method of installation for your technician.

  • Can I use my existing modem or do I need a new one?

    As long as it's an nbnᵀᴹ compatible modem, in most cases yes you can. We can't guarantee every modem will work on our network but our technical team will do their best to get you connected. If you have an old modem that isnt nbnᵀᴹ-ready you can send it to us at Level 4, 80 Market St, South Melbourne, 3205 and we will arrange to have it recycled.

  • What's the difference between the standard modem and the upgraded modem?
    The standard modem is the Netcomm NF10WV. It includes Wifi and is perfectly suitable for most homes. You can connect up to 4 devices to it using an ethernet cable plus as many wireless devices as you need. The Netcomm NF18ACV upgraded modem offers AC1600 Wifi, which provides wireless broadcast at 2.6Ghz and 5Ghz. This provides faster data transfer between different devices in your home. It also provides a greater range of Wifi meaning it will reach further locations in your home than the standard nbnᵀᴹ modem. If your house is particularly large or you simply want, best possible performance from your home network the Netcomm NF18ACV is for you. You can purchase the upgraded modem when completing your sign up at the check out.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade nbn plans easily?

    If you want to switch plans, all you need to do is let us know your desired plan via email or phone. Your plan will be changed within 48 hours. There is no cost to change plans other than the difference in the plan cost.

  • Which nbnᵀᴹ plan is best for me?

    For the majority of our customers, the Family plan is the best balance between price and performance with up to 42mpbs during the evening. It'll cover the needs of 3-4 regular users streaming, browsing, studying, and using social media.

    However, if you're an individual or couple, the Casual plan is just fine. Speeds up to 21mbps should cover your needs unless you're downloading huge files.

    For larger (4+) families or users who need to use the internet intensively, our Superfast plan is the best option with blazing-fast speeds of up to 83mpbs - ideal for nearly any online activity.

Socially-conscious Aussies
love doing good with their
nbnTM bill.

"I switched both my mobile and home NBN over to Goodtel and it was both smooth an easy."

Mike from Sydney, NSW

"Excellent Customer Service, Network Service and Cost - with added peace of mind!"

Mitchell from Launceston, TAS

"Seamless and pain-free, thank you!"

Almo Milk from Melbourne, VIC

"Quality and customer service is simply outstanding."

Karl from Sydney, NSW

"We couldn't be happier with the choice we made."

Clee from Darwin, NT

"Every step of the sign-up process was a breeze, and my NBN installation was hassle free."

Jacob.B from Melbourne, VIC

"The product quality is exceptional with no dropouts and a reliable service."

Chris from Sydney, NSW

"The speeds has been great and no drop-offs in service."

Johan from Camden, NSW

"I can recommend this great Australian business that supports a charity partner that you resonate with."

Monica from Sydney, NSW

"The broadband is super speedy and works in all the rooms of my apartment."

Emma W from Melbourne, VIC

"The connection has been fast and consistent so far."

EBD from Darwin. NT

"Customer service has been fantastic - easy to access and attentive."

CRH from Sydney, NSW

"My nbn was installed without a hiccup and the speeds are great."

Wes from Melbourne, VIC

"Awesome service"

Darren from Perth, WA

"Switching to Goodtel was super quick and painless."

Damien from Brisbane, Qld


Switch to Goodtel for high-speed
nbnTM with a clean conscience.


See our Good Causes

About nbn™ 250/25Mbps

NBNco only provides this speed tier in certain locations. If this speed tier isn’t available at your address we will let you know once we have received your order.

If it isn’t available you can opt to go on the NBN100 plan and receive a refund for the difference or alternatively receive a full refund if you choose not to switch to Goodtel.

We can also let you know if and when NBN Co make it available at your address.