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Protected 856 square meters of Daintree Rainforest

Australia's ethical telco

We make 1000’s of decisions a day without even realising; which socks will I wear; where shall I get a coffee from; which laundry detergent should I buy?

Each of these choices has an impact. It might be huge, it might be tiny, you might not even realise there was an impact at all.

As more and more individuals make an ethical choice with their everyday decisions, this impact becomes visible. We see the positive social effect it has on our community, the environment and the lives of others.

You might not put the words ‘ethical’ and ‘telco’ in the same sentence. But we want to change that. Goodtel is Australia’s first ethical telco to give 50% of profits back to good causes which help protect the planet and those who need it most.

Goodtel believes in people and planet over profits, and wants Australians to be able to give back with their everyday communications without compromising on a quality service. Goodtel is as good as the best as we use the networks of the major carriers. Our customers have access to the same nbn that every telco has access to and our mobile plans operate using parts of Telstra’s 5G, 4G and 3G mobile networks. The service provides 5G Coverage reaching at least 75% of the Australian population. The Telstra Wholesale mobile coverage area footprint reaches more than 98.8% of the Australian population and covers more than 1.6 million square kilometres of the Australian landmass. The only difference is we choose to share our profits with several charity partners who are making a positive impact on helping to protect the planet and those who need it most.

If you are keen to see a brighter future for our children and communities then choosing ethical providers for your everyday goods and services is a powerful way to bring these positive changes about. From ethical mobile plans, to bank accounts, toilet paper, super funds, wine and more there are now ethical choices for almost every product or service.

At Goodtel we like to be optimistic and we believe together with the help of many Australians we can turn our use of telecommunications into a force for good. Join our community and help us make a big difference - all from a simple choice of where you get your nbn™ or mobile plans from.

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