We've now donated $44,000 | Goodtel
Planted enough native plants and shrubs to remove 174 tonnes of CO2

It's September 2021 and 18 month since Goodtel officially launched. We’re a toddler, still learning to walk with a few bumps along the way, experiencing growing pains and always hungry for more but giving out a lot of love to the people around us. That’s just what it feels like being part of the Goodtel community.

If this last 18 month has taught us anything (ok, its low key moments taught us a lot - we won't lie) it's that community matters. We’ve seen community spirit heighten during some of the lowest of lows, people rallying around to support both their neighbours and strangers on the street, communities coming together to break the fall and hoist them up straight after. It’s been a beautiful thing to witness in what has been a chaotic 18 months of life.

And it’s thanks to our community we have just been able to make our third donation of $14,500 to our charity partners. That brings our total donations to $44,000. Not bad for a small telco that didn’t exist 18 months ago.

Here is a little insight into how it’s making an impact and if you want to know more check out our Impact page:

  • These donations have been equated to planting enough native plants and shrubs to remove 114 tonnes of CO2 thanks to Greening Australia

  • Through Save a Dog Scheme these donations have provided a weeks worth of food for 253 of its furry residents

  • These donations have allowed 513 young people to access a mental health programme through Burn Bright

  • These donations have supported 10 families with COVID-19 protection kits and food for 1 month, and a handwashing station for 5 villages in a developing country through ChildFund Australia

As we enter into our terrible terrific twos, let’s grow together and create a whole lot more positive social impact in a world that needs it.

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