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Upgrade to faster, more reliable internet with Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

You now have the opportunity to upgrade your current nbn service to FTTP for free, remaining on a month to month plan when you move to an eligible plan. All you pay is any difference between your current plan and your new plan.

Upgrade your internet

How do I get it?

Submit a request now to upgrade your service and we'll arrange for an nbn co technician to visit your premises.

From the time of your request, the new service connection could take two weeks to several months as we need to work with nbn co to make technical changes to the hardware installed at your address, however your current service will still work whilst we arrange this on your behalf.

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Available free upgrades for your nbn type

The current technology at your home will determine which plan you can upgrade to

Unsure of your technology? Check if nbn is available tool below.

Upgrades Available

Upgrades Available

Upgrade to Fibre today for free when you move to an eligible plan.

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