What are the Terms and Conditions of the 30 day Goodness Guarantee

Our Goodness Guarantee trial means if you are not completed satisfied with your Goodtel nbnᵀᴹ service during the first 30 days of connection we will provide a full refund of your plan fee and any applicable modem charge. To initiate a full refund during the trial period you are required to let us know in writing by contacting our Customer Service team using our website contact form. Please ensure that you do so within 30 days of your service being active and include your account number, account name and email address. If you have purchased an nbnᵀᴹ ready modem from us we will refund the cost of this modem in full. The unit should be returned to us at the address shown below at your own expense. On receipt of the modem by our team we will process a full refund of your plan fee and modem charge within 48 business hours. Terms and Conditions: - 30 day trial refunds will only include any upfront, modem or hardware charges paid during the sign up process. - The refund cannot include any nbnᵀᴹ New Development Charge or nbnᵀᴹ Subsequent Line Charge. Note that these are charges passed through from nbnᵀᴹ for new developments and as such cannot be refunded. - Refunds will be made to the original credit or debit card used during the sign up process. Refunds cannot be substituted by cash or refunded using any other payment method. - Returned modem and/or other hardware must be in good condition. This means no damage to the modem and/or other hardware, and the modem and/or other hardware must be returned with all associated cables, power adapter and in the original box. Failure to return all parts will prevent us from being able to refund the cost of the modem and/or other hardware. - Modems and/or othert hardware returned without a meaningful reference cannot be accepted by our team. Please ensure you include your account number so that we know who the modem and/or other hadrware is from. - The 30 days will commence from the day that your service is activated by nbnᵀᴹ and we send you an email to confirm your 'nbnᵀᴹ Service is Ready to Go!'. Please note that this is not 30 days after you plug in the modem and/or other hardware and we urge you to begin using your service as soon as you can after the activation date. Refund requests received after 30 days from activation cannot be processed. Modem and Hardware Return Address: Modem and Hardware Returns Goodtel Level 4, 80 Market St South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205 All Help Articles